Creativity Mandala

Creativity is not just something that artists, musicians, and the like possess. It lives in all of us and can serve all of us. Creativity is defined as being creative or imaginative ability. We are capable of creating on a moment-to-moment basis if we maintain awareness. That’s the challenge we face.

How can we maintain an awareness of what we are creating? Observation of our thoughts is one means to gaining and maintaining awareness. Meditation can be a useful tool. Buddhists practice mindfulness, in which they meditate and take stock of who they are and what is going on in the body or mind. This is a great means to also take note of what you are creating in your life.

For example, let’s say you are at work and performing a task you’ve done a million times. That particular day you’re doing that very task and something doesn’t go right. Then, whatever you do after that doesn’t go right as well. It starts to steam roll. Later than evening, you sit in meditation and reflect on your day. Then you realize that when the first task you’d done a million times didn’t go right, you dwelled on it and it got to you. You held that energy of failure in your beingness and continued to bring forth more of the same.

Being creative also applies to people who don’t think they’re being creative. An architect who works to resolve a structure design to accommodate a request of their client is being creative. He or she has to find a way make the structure sound while creating the kind of space their client requests. My Dad was a tool and die maker. I’ve seen him machine a replacement part for a piece of equipment that had broken. To take piece of metal and machine away pieces of it to create a replica of the broken part is creation.

For me, there’s much joy to be found in creating things. I’m not just referring to my mandalas. I could be taking a great photograph or making a pair of earrings for a family member. Yes, they are creations of the artistic type, but I also find a lot of enjoyment in making functional items too. How do you express creativity? How does creating make you feel?

Creativity Mandala

Creativity Mandala

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